Windräder Ingenieurbüro Cerbe & Dr. Rische
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Windräder Ingenieurbüro Cerbe & Dr. Rische

Windräder Ingenieurbüro Cerbe & Dr. Rische was established in 1996 as Windräder Service GbR and has exclusively specialized from the beginning on the inspection and maintenance of rotor blades of wind turbines.

Based on many years of experience in fibre-reinforced plastic we have the background knowledge for the assessment of the state of rotor blades.

With the approach and establishment of the rope technology for inspection, maintenance and repair of rotor blades we could achieve an extensive cost reduction.

Since 1999 we are operate actively in the experts’ advisory committee of the BWE.

8 engineers are actually employed with the inspection of rotor blades. Every year will surveyed 700 blade sets worldwide.

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